Would Cycling Help Children in Our Modern Environment?

In 2014 the owner and founder of Specialized Bicycle Company, Mike Sinyard, used his own life experience to create a facility to help fund research into a growing problem in child behavior. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is estimated to affect from 5 to 10 percent of all children in the Western World. Mike himself had struggled with ADHD through childhood and as his own children displayed some elements of this condition, he felt that mood and ability to concentrate was improved from time spent cycling. Mike explained that the rhythm or the “Zen” of pedaling combined with moderate exercise formed an orderly system that occupied body and mind. The outcomes displayed benefit

Mountain Bike Training Essentials

Heading out for a few hours on the mountain bike is always a happy time, but there are a few key items I would never leave home without. Over the years I have added crucial items and removed some less useful, the result? My Mountain Bike Training Essentials Pack. For those starting out in the off roading space, I recommend putting a pack together before you head out! Most obviously, the first two items I carry are my phone and my keys, which I keep inside two zip lock bags, alongside a small pump and a bottle or two filled with Infinit. Do not underestimate the importance of fluid when you are heading out for a ride. The other key essentials are that I will carry in my jersey pocket or in th

Bayview Blast | Race Review

There is nothing like a national series race in your own backyard, and again this year, Queensland was proud host to Bayview Blast as a part of the MTBA National XCM Series. After last years race, I was pumped, and definitely not going to miss this event, so I made sure I fit in a few extra training sessions on the course in the lead up to the race. One thing that stuck in my mind from last year was how deceptive the amount of climbing was. The effort that you exert in the Bayview Blast is so much more than you think, which I believe is because I enjoy the single track out there immensely! This in mind, I made sure to carry enough nutrition and then to take it in regularly. Sunday morning ar

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