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Get Rolling - Find the perfect Ebike for your needs!

Ebikes are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. They offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bicycles and can be used for commuting, leisure riding, off-road adventures and some enjoyable “Me Time” in a busy world. With so many types of electric bikes available in the market today, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we will explore the different types of electric bikes available in the market and discuss their features and benefits.

Eligibility for a bike to be an ebike is that the bike is “Pedal Assist” so the motor only provides power when the bike is being pedalled. The motor is limited to between 200W and 250W and the motor assistance cuts out at 25km/hr, beyond that speed its your pedalling or downhill gravity that is in play. So some healthy exercise is part of the deal with an ebike without reaching the high level of physical exertion when the terrain profile turns nasty.

There are three main types of ebike motors:

  • Hub motors and

  • Mid mount motors.

  • Lightweight or SL motors

Ebikes with Hub motors start at a lower price than mid mount motors, but they tend to be heavier around 25kgs. Weight is usually focused at the back of the bike with the rear wheel hub being the motor. Power output is good although not so smooth as signalling from the crank via the control to the motor has a slight lag. Also punctures in the rear tyre present a difficult challenge due to wiring and axle mounting.

TEBCO Discovery - hub motor

Ebikes with Mid-mount motors are available at a similar weight to the Hub motor but present a better balanced bike with motor & battery placed midway between the front & rear wheel. Apart from the Motor / Battery system the bike only needs the same attention to bike maintenance as an ordinary bicycle. The battery is generally integrated into the frame and presents a similar look to an ordinary bike.

Specialized LEVO - mid-mount motor

Lightweight SL Motors Brand leaders such as Specialized and Trek also offer lightweight and long-range options in their ebike models that make them ideal for riders who want a similar riding experience to their non pedal assisted bike. Of course all these bikes can be ridden without the motor assistance if the battery is exhausted however the lightweight technology presents a much easier proposition for the rider to continue at approximately 5kg less than a standard bike.

Specialized Levo SL (Blaze)

Specialized Vado (Light Sage)

Forum posts from riders who use ebikes have praised the lightweight and long-range options (usually between 50km to 130 km depending on terrain and assistance required ) available in the market today . With ebikes becoming more accessible than ever before, it's no wonder why so many people are turning to them as an alternative transportation option.

We are seeing more ebikes on the road these days due to their convenience and affordability, Payback calculations versus a car for commuters is very justifiable when considering the incidence of traffic congestion, cost of fuel, car maintenance, parking and time convenience. An ebike also stacks up against Public Transport for cost and time convenience.

As for the Off Road ebike the growing network of Rail Trails and MTB Trails gives access to adventure and challenges for more and more riders to enjoy without requiring a massive fitness level.

For more information or to experience the benefits of ebikes call in to our Morningside shop where we have a range of ebikes across all the above mentioned, take a Test ride and experience bike riding that focuses on the fun and enjoyment of a bike. Talk to Andy or Chris, both ebike riders and see how they have included an ebikes into their riding along with traditional riding.

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