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Urban Legend: Cannondale Bad Boy

The ultimate urban ride. This bike is designed mostly as a stylish, urban expression of one's desire to get around conveniently on a bike. The light tube on the fork and integrated light on the seatpost keep you from having to attach a whole bunch of extras to the bike - simple, elegant, effective. The understated black tends to make the Bad Boy blend in with all the others in the cage at work or in the rack at the station - less of a target for thieves.

The Cannondale Bad Boy suits cyclists who are looking for a hybrid bike that meets the requirements of urban commuting and recreational riding. The bike has a polished and clean appearance, with its matte black paint job and internally routed cables. Users appreciated the bike's integrated lighting. Riders were impressed with the Shimano components fitted to this 650b-wheeled rig. It delivers striking looks and performance urban commuters expect from a brand known for its premium bikes. The Bad Boy is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a great commuting bike with solid looks.

Let’s have a look at some compelling reasons that make the Bad Boy one of the best urban bikes currently available.


The Bad Boy is designed to minimize bumps and uneven surfaces so you feel comfortable while riding. The 40mm tires (Bad Boy 1) and 650b wheels along with Fabric Silicone Cell grips and Fabric Scoop Radius Elite saddle maximize comfort and provide a cushy ride. The Bad Boy takes inspiration from Cannondale’s mountain bikes and provides a seat position that improves visibility for a faster ride. This helps commuters reach their destination on time without feeling tired.

Agility and Stability

Cannondale is known the world over for its agile bikes and the Bad Boy is no exception. One Piece Integration, stiff lefty fork and alloy frame make the bike very agile and provide smooth handling you need to conquer urban jungles. The mountain-bike-like flat and wide handlebar offers better stability and feels solid.

Smooth Gear Shifting

Changing gears is smooth and super easy, thanks to the Shimano Alfine 8-speed rear hub and Gates carbon belt drive. Riders can effortlessly change gears when riding steep hills, while virtually maintenance-free chains means you don’t have to worry about greasy marks on your pants.

Integrated Lights

Cannondale went a step further and offers integrated LED strips for better visibility and aesthetics. The integrated lights on the fork and seatpost improve safety and come in handy in low-light conditions.

Looks and Durability

As the name suggests, the Bad Boy is designed to stand out from the crowd and features a lefty fork, black and gray tones and clean lines. The head-turning design along with features such as Urban Armor system (soft padded trim to protect the bike when placed against poles, walls or locked) make Bad Boy eye-catching as well as durable.

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