Disc Brakes on Road Bikes

Despite the delay by the UCI to fully sanction the use of Disc Brakes for professional road racing in the 2017 season, manufacturers have made a significant commitment to Disc Brake models in their respective line-ups.

The soon to be released 2017 Road Bike Ranges will certainly test beliefs and demand predictions of product managers. Do riders want to stay in-line with the Pro Peleton?, Maybe they dwell in the Club Racing scene and will want to remain in compliance with the controlling body? For many this will be a relief, avoiding the need to invest in another bike. However the growing interest in Grand Fondo style endurance riding amongst riders, will see a growing interest in the benefits of Hydro Disc Brakes on their roadie.

​The Disc alternative will certainly provide better braking performance with stopping expectations at slightly later points of entry into corners, and then the real benefit of regaining the desired cruise speed much faster on the exit of corners. The overall weight of road bikes fitted with disc brakes does not grow significantly, if at all, however the distribution of weight does. With no requirement for the rims to have a braking surface depth that would gradually deteriorate over the life of the wheel, the rim or perimeter weight of the wheel is significantly reduced. So cranking the same wattage down the driveline will reward the rider with better acceleration, back into the saddle earlier at preferred speed of the bunch.

So expect to see manufacturers release a road bike range with a high presence of Hydraulic Disc Brake kit, they have made the commitment already and I expect the weight of funding into the sport will also see it sanctioned in the near future.

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