Bayview Blast | Race Review

There is nothing like a national series race in your own backyard, and again this year, Queensland was proud host to Bayview Blast as a part of the MTBA National XCM Series.

After last years race, I was pumped, and definitely not going to miss this event, so I made sure I fit in a few extra training sessions on the course in the lead up to the race.

One thing that stuck in my mind from last year was how deceptive the amount of climbing was. The effort that you exert in the Bayview Blast is so much more than you think, which I believe is because I enjoy the single track out there immensely! This in mind, I made sure to carry enough nutrition and then to take it in regularly.

Sunday morning arrived and I lined up with the rest of the elite field. The pace was quick from the start and I was consciously trying not to burn too many matches early on.

The first half of the lap, there was a small group of us sitting at a good pace, but the group suddenly exploded and I tactically slipped of the back of the pack for preservation.

Settling into a rhythm, I then had a couple of age groupers and 50km riders catch me, from here on we worked together and caught the elite group I had slipped from earlier.

With the much cooler weather for this years race, and taking in only Infinit liquid nutrition there were a few extra bathroom breaks, but this was the case for the others riders I was with also.

Coming through for the fourth and final lap, the group I was with splintered, so I took the opportunity to push forward, hitting some of my favourite sections a little bit faster.

The final two kilometres of the last lap are some of the best single track in the whole course, combined with the crowd to cheer you on only amplified how awesome this event and track truly were.

Feeling pretty shattered by this point with cramping in the legs, the encouragement from the sideline was all I needed, the pain and fatigue dissipated and I managed to put down a few extra watts to bring it home.

Nothing beats finishing a race like this, and with a solid few laps completed, I managed a top ten finish in elite. I am ecstatic with the result and can’t wait for the next few races in this series!

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