Mountain Bike Training Essentials

Heading out for a few hours on the mountain bike is always a happy time, but there are a few key items I would never leave home without. Over the years I have added crucial items and removed some less useful, the result? My Mountain Bike Training Essentials Pack. For those starting out in the off roading space, I recommend putting a pack together before you head out!

Most obviously, the first two items I carry are my phone and my keys, which I keep inside two zip lock bags, alongside a small pump and a bottle or two filled with Infinit. Do not underestimate the importance of fluid when you are heading out for a ride.

The other key essentials are that I will carry in my jersey pocket or in the bike are:

Back Jersey Pocket

1. Puncture repair kit, this uses a cement and a tire plug similar to what would be used on a car tire. The strips are cut and then inserted with a screw driver like device with glue cement to bond.

2. Tubeless tire patch primarily for sidewall

tears or larger punters that the puncture kit cannot fix.

3. Fix it stixs or a multi-tool. I found that the fix it stixs covers most of the tools required to get out if trouble with a good weight advantage.

4.CO2 canister with gorilla tape wrapped around for sidewall repair or anything else that may pop up.

5. CO2 inflator, I try to at least test these semi regularly when airing up new tires.

6. Chain link, I use chain links in all my chains along with carrying a spare.

7. Tubeless valve stem, I have had them snap off with sticks in the past and a spare helps in getting back up and running quickly.

8. Derailleur hanger, this has saved me before and will aways carry a spare.

9. Not in pic but zip ties, tissues and bandage. From experience can help in an emergency to stop blood loss.....among other things

Strapped Under the Seat

1. Spare tube either wrapped in a tube tarp or a cut up old tube to protect it.

2. CO2 wrapped in gorilla tape, this tape has saved me with sidewall tears that patch kits did not fix.

3. Specialized EMT levers, these are worth every cent as they are much stronger and durable than anything else I have used. There is nothing worse than a snapped lever when trying to repair a flat during a race

4. To hold it all together a Backcountry Research Awesome Strap. Have been using these for years and absolutely rate them.

So this is the short list of goodies to enhance the fun and safety of any training session. I am always keeping an eye out for new products and ideas that may be useful in case of a sticky situation and would love to hear if you have any suggestions.

If you have any questions or would like to test your mountain bike skills, I invite you to join Melissa and I on the 17th of July for a beginners ride at Daisy Hill, where we will run through the basic techniques and can answer your questions in person.

For more information contact Chris or Andy on 3899 8232 or visit the shop.

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