Shop Ride, 14th of August

The cold morning kept many riders in bed on the 14th of August, but we were out, and took full advantage of the open tracks, ready for exploration and discovery.

Heading out on the normal loop we hooked left and started to explore some of the new trails including the re-work on "Koala". There has been some recent criticism regarding the redevelopment of some of the trails and the new builds, with experienced riders considering them to be “dumbed down”, so I was very keen to check them out for myself.

We were really impressed with the ease of access following the completion of the the new track, and the quality of routes was exceptional. After taking-in some of the new completed tracks we headed over to "Turning Japanese" to check out the under construction trail. It looks awesome, and includes some of the most smooth flowing trail any of us had seen in SEQLD.

Our verdict, the new rides have certainly been build with a full range of riders in mind. Did this mean it was not challenging enough for experienced riders? Not at all. The quality of the track was exceptional, meaning I and the other experienced riders were able to take advantage of the low cut berms and spaced out, this doubles speed!

You only get out what you put in.

With the weather warming up in the coming weeks, we hope to see a few new riders with us on the group rides, and look forward to taking full advantage of some of the under-constructions trails with the BRM team!

Ben May recently broke his collarbone in a recent ride, but will be back on deck and leading our off-road adventures soon. Stay tuned for the next shop ride details.

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