Fun, fit, fast... eBikes are the future

Whether for outdoor exercise, serious alternative transport or fun the future in cycling will heavily swing to Electric Bikes. If you want to know what its all about you owe it to yourself to take one for a test ride.

Vado SL 4.0 Step Thru

Electric bikes are equipped with a Motor and Battery that provides assistance to the riders pedaling, amplifying the pedaling effort up to 4 times. This flattens out the hills reducing the riders effort compared to a traditional bike. The motor and battery will add power to pedaling, not replace pedaling, so the rider still gets exercise and usually more due to the fact that they will go further or over a longer period of time.

Creo SL Comp Carbon

Electric bikes come in a range of styles ; Mountain full Suspension, Mountain Hardtails, Comfort Hybrids and Road Bikes. They have a range of motors and batteries that suit the rider preferences for level of assistance, degree of comfort or how far you want to go. The Electric bikes available today have transformed from earlier bulky models that weighed close to 30kg and models are now down to a sleek and lightweight 12 kg in some formats.

Levo FSR 29

So with all the choice available come in to Bicycle Riders and let us help you get the right Electric bike, take a test ride, check the support we offer for the long term enjoyment you want from your bike.

Have a good look at the New Age of Cycling that is ahead.

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