Record year for bike imports in AU

New Record for bikes imported to Australia 21/22FY

As a bike shop, we hear a lot of industry news that doesn’t always make it to our customers, as such, we wanted to share with you a little insight into bike sales in Australia, and the international shortages!

Based on historical trends and ABS import data, a new record of 1.75 million bicycles will enter Australian ports by 30 June 2021, to be sold in bicycle shops and retailers.

Here are some of our observations that we thought may interest you:

  • Since COVID there are a lot more riders in Australia and government expenditure on infrastructure to support that growth should follow.

  • Exercise outdoors is becoming more prevalent to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • There is still some time to go before a balance is reached for supply and demand of bikes and repair components.

  • Bikes are becoming recognised as serious alternatives for transport and commuting.

  • The industry is using this data to lobby government at all levels to support this growth in infrastructure for bicycle recreation and commuting.

We recognise the changing attitude of Australians when it comes to riders and want to reassure all of our new riders who got back on their bikes to stick with it!

The future is brighter by way of healthier recreational choices and less dependence on motor vehicles… And the shortages will not be the case forever.

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