It’s a fact of life that all bicycles should be serviced before things go wrong. If you do so regularly, you’ll often extend the life of your bicycle’s parts and protect your investment. So if you’re short of time, not up to date with the latest bicycle technology, or you simply want a professional’s touch, let us service your bicycle for you.

Frequently asked questions

How do I book my service?

Simply call 07 3899 8232 to speak with one of our friendly staff, or complete the service request form below and we will happily contact you to arrange a suitable time.

What is required before service?

We take the time to get to know a little about you and your activity level, before taking your bike into our service department. Each rider will have their own unique style, output and hours in use, so we piece this information together with our inspection, to deliver an amazing servicing experience.

Do you offer servicing plans?

We offer an array of servicing options, from customised individual tune ups, alongside our two star to six star alternatives.

Do you service all styles of bikes?

Yes, we offer full service facilities for everything from your first bike or weekend cruiser through to race spec road and mountain bikes.


This is the regular service to keep your bike running sweet and get on top of issues before before they get away from you.

Inspect the frame and overall condition of components, measure  wear on the drive chain.

Re-torque all bolts through the bike cockpit, seat post area.

Lubricate all Brake & Gear Cables and Derailleur pivot points.

Tune and adjust Gears & Brakes.

Lubricate Drive Chain.

Test ride bike to ensure operating performance.

( Install parts required, cost of parts extra )


Take the Basic Service and Add;

Chain, Cassette and Derailleurs cleaned through parts washer.

Bottom Bracket removed and clean out frame BB.

Inspect BB Bearings re-pack with grease if required.

Inspect Headset Bearings and re-pack with grease .

Clean the bike frame

NEW BIKE FEEL:  $325.00

The Bike will be stripped down to the frame only and all components thoroughly cleaned.

Bottom Bracket and Headset serviced  with fresh quality bike grease.

Frame cleaned and polished.

Bike re-built to all original torque specifications with assembly paste.

New Gear & Brake cables  & casings supplied and fitted.

Pedals removed and lubricated.

Electronic shift bikes have a diagnostic review of all components and firmware updated.

Bookings Required  07 3899 8232

Once you give the OK, then you can leave the rest to us knowing that your bike will be expertly serviced in a professional manner.

Mountain Bike Servicing Schedule


Servicing of your forks and rear shock is as important to your riding as the right tyre pressure. Dust, mud and grime can work its way into you components and cause premature wear, so we’ve put together a menu of service options for you. We can also custom tune your shock to get the most out of your ride. Give us a call for more info about custom and ‘S’ tune.


Fork Service

30 hr service

50 hr service

Rear Shock Service

Command post

Custom tune

Looking to get the most out of your bike?

Speak to us about Custom Tuning your suspension to suit your riding style and needs.


150 hr service is available for Brain Shocks and requires sending away to Specialized HQ. Allow 2 weeks turn around time for this service.


‘S- tune’ is also available from Specialized. Talk to us about the ultimate in suspension customization.

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