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About Bicycle Riders Morningside

At Bicycle Riders, we are a bicycle retail and service shop offering a unique range of merchandise and services for all your bicycle needs.  Our bicycle lines include the world’s best!  We carefully select our products and always try and keep a well-stocked store featuring the latest and greatest.


We are more than a suburban bicycle store.  We work hard to stay abreast of technology, we constantly investigate products that are released to the cycling community and educate ourselves about the application of these innovations. We treat each customer as an individual, listening closely to your needs.  We promote the sport as a means of transportation, fun and relaxation.  We love what we do. 


Our Process

We take the time to listen, ask questions and understand, before we make any recommendations.

Specialized-Turbo-Tero servicing.jpeg

Every rider is different, that's why we have a range of frames,  wheels and option options so you can customise.  


A good bike fit will facilitate comfort and optimal performance.  

Just like a car, regular servicing will keep your bike performing at it's best, and preserve the life of your hardwear. 


We don't force round pegs into square holes. 

We take the time to listen to each riders unique goals, so we can provide the options that will help inform good decision. 

Specialized-Roubaix-Expert service bicycle riders morningside.jpeg

Our Quality Guarantee

The ultimate destination for Road, Mountain, Commute, Electric, Kids and Leisure bike needs, all under one roof. 

Expert… It’s a bit of an uptight word, you can think of us as fellow enthusiasts. We live and breath riding, it's what gets us up before the sun rises every morning.  We are committed to optimising our own riding experience, and the same for our customers.

We realise not everyone has the same goal, and that's ok. We take the time to understand. Whether you are. looking for a comfortable commuter option, or a PB at your next comp, we are right there with you.  

That's the Bicycle Riders difference. 

Create your dream bike.
Tell us about your project today.

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